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Pandoro is a traditional Christmas cake from the Verona area, made from a rich, leavened dough of wheat flour, butter, eggs, sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.

Along with Panettone, Pandoro has become a staple at the Christmas table throughout Italy, and is particularly loved by children for its soft texture and melt-in-the-mouth quality.

Customarily presented with just a dusting of icing sugar to create the look of a snowy mountain, Pandoro makes an impressive centrepiece to any Christmas dining table.

It is usually given as a Christmas gift, and the hand-made, beautifully hand-wrapped Perbellini Pandoro is certain to delight and impress anyone lucky enough to receive one.

Unsurprisingly, given that the Perbellini family were amongst the very first bakeries to produce it in the 1890s, the Perbellini Pandoro is one of the very best in Italy.

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Pandoro literally means golden bread, and many claim its roots can be traced to Roman times, with Pliny the Elder referencing a baker who made a bread wheat flour, butter and oil. What is rather more certain is that pandoro is an adaptation of the 13th century Nadalin, which was reputedly first made to celebrate Verona’s first Christmas under the rule of the della Scala family who also gave their name to the opera house in Milan.
The modern pandoro was born in the 1894, when Domenico Melegatti created a richer, sweeter and decidedly taller version of the Nadalin and was granted a patent for it.

Making a traditional Pandoro is a lengthy and complicated affair, taking up to three days. All artisanal Pandoro begins with a sourdough starter which typically needs 18 to 24 hours to rise, usually in a three stage process. Each baker will then have their own unique way of working in the main ingredients over four or more phases, before producing a dough ready for eight hours of proofing. Actually baking a pandoro takes a little less than an hour, but even after that, the waiting isn’t over, as there are also two stages of cooling taking up to 12 more hours.

Pandoro is typically presented at the table with a dusting of icing sugar which gives it an appearance resembling a snow-covered mountain. The sugar should be added just before bringing the pandoro to the table to prevent it caking, and we recommend using just enough icing sugar to create a pleasing aesthetic effect, as pandoro is sweet enough for most people without it. Pandoro is best cut using a breadknife with a light sawing motion so as not to squash it. A vertical wedge cut for each point of the star shape will yield eight generous portions. Pandoro lends itself well to being served with ice cream, chocolate sauces or creams, details of which can be found here. Presenting pandoro in a more elaborate Christmas tree style is also very popular in Italy and information on how to do this can be found here.

Additional Information

Product Brand Perbellini
Net Weight 850 grams
Ingredients Wheat flour type '0', class A eggs, 22% butter (milk), sugar, cocoa butter, milk, natural yeast, emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids from plant sources), flavourings, salt, vanilla pods. May contain traces of Nuts and Soy.
Suitable for Vegetarians Yes
Suitable for Vegans No